Wadehekk la kan~

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Aku tak tahulah apa yang aku cakap kat penjual baju ni sampai dia reply macam ni kat aku.img_2016-12-13-015920

Kalau pressure, tak payahlah bebankan diri ambik tempahan baju akhawat. Yes, aku memang tak berkenan ngan kualiti baju tu. Bagi aku, baju persatuan kena tempah kualiti elok supaya menang kita memakai lama-lama. OK mungkin adik ni tak survey pengilang sebelum tempah, dia setuju saja. Takpa.. Benda biasa kalau dah rushing semua.

Yang kecewanya, aku rasa adik ni cakap macam tak beradab dengan pelanggan. Katanya, boleh je pos balik kalau tak puas hati, dia kasi duit balik.

Bila aku reply aku nak pos balik, bertubi dia punya mesej bagitau pulak dia tak puas hati ngan cara aku. Ape ni, dik? Kata boleh pos balik, tapi melenting pulak. Wadehekk~?

Aku punyalah menanti baju tu, memanglah aku excited sebab itu baju persatuan aku yang pertama aku beli. Aku spend duit yg sepatutnya jadi duit makan aku supaya aku ada baju bercop persatuan untuk aku pergi program. Masalahnya, bila sampai-sampai je terus hangus expectation aku menjadi abu. Hmm.. Bab kualiti kain tu satu, yang satu lagi ni memang aku rasa pengilang tu tipu adik yang tempah baju ni. Saiz baju aku tempah tak sama langsung dengan saiz kat carta ukuran yang dia bagi. Wadehekk~ kali kedua. Makin kuatlah aku nak return baju tu. Dengan attitude akhawat yang macam ni lagi. Adui.. Tolonglah settle hubungan dlm jamaie.

Aku pada asalnya tak salahkan pun adik ni. Sebab apa-apapun dari pengilang. Tapi dia punya marah kat aku sampai 7 speech bubbles keluar dengan kata-kata sindiran, menjadikan keningku bersambung dan diriku tertanya, “Siapa dia ni? Aku nak jumpa budak ni. Kenapa macam kurang ajar sangat? Siapa naqibah dia?”
Hah.. Itulah.. Attitude dia yang buat aku tak senang. Padahal mulanya OK ja. Aduhai akhawat..

Aku beli ngan ZALORA je lah senang. Kalau barang rosak/salah saiz/tak mencapai expectation, boleh return semula for free. Duit terus dikreditkan dalam akaun.

Dik, akak harap awak berusahalah sikit untuk final year. Hari tu akak termaki awak pulak. Kalau awak rasa macam susah dan payah tu, teruskan jelah usaha. Terima kasih.

Introvert Apparel

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I designed a T-shirt for introverts. Wear this and unite in #teamintroverts.


Front design



Have you ever feel so tired of trying to explain to people to respect your space? *sigh* People getting close into physical contact to you are draining your energy away. Get this raglan shirt on Teespring and let it speak for you.

Link: https://teespring.com/get-space-respect

Campaign ends Dec 25th, 2016.

Dilemma of an Ummah Designer.. Part #2

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(Note: Read Part #1 first)

When a potential client’s message came into my inbox, it meant chance for me.

This one regular client who currently lived in my hometown asked to design a poster for a coming-up event for school kids. She didn’t give me any template but gave me an exemplary poster from another branch; different from the previous client who shared their template to me beforehand.

So obviously this client was asking to design a poster from scratch. I accepted it but I asked for agreement to pay before I can proceed. Then…


I don’t know if they were misinterpreting my service, and I don’t know if this client was being sarcastic, but I only hope for two things:

  1. If they talk shit behind my back, then I pray their pahala to be given to me.
  2. I want them to understand what I’m going through and why I need money.

Designers who worked in a physical shop would charge RM40 per hour for one design. I offered RM30 with no time limit and didn’t mind to start from scratch. This person is a regular client which I never asked for payment before. Maybe they didn’t expect me to ask for payment. It’s okay.. I already saved a probability of this thing would happen.

But, I never expected for a double reply. That “Dari kak grah…” , I knew something was wrong from there. Criticism. That person had never showed her interest in my personality and psychology, but let’s just leave it to there. I don’t want to backbite the person who acted like she cared, because at least she acted.

*sigh* I thought this kind of organization would support me through my calamities. And there goes.. But not all are like that. Maybe it’s only those who worked in my birthplace.

Long story, short: My sister asked if I could lend her some money because she had zero ringgit in her account and she needed to buy diapers & milk for her twin toddlers. She was asking for RM300 not knowing that I had only RM222 in my account. So I said to her, what if I lend you RM150 first, and the other half later? She said OK. There went my RM150. I withdrew the remainder also to pay some debts I had with my friend, now leaving only RM5 in my account. My wallet now screaming THERE ARE ONLY 8 PIECES OF BLUE NOTES IN HERE!

Until then. Salaam..

Dilemma of an Ummah Designer.. Part #1

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I had people asking for my help nowadays – designing posters, banners etc.

To inform, soon there will be a big event running all over my country for fresh school graduates. There will be carnivals like Jom Masuk U, Career Week and my most concerned, Karnival Lepasan Sekolah (KLS). All are expected to be held in January 2017.

So last week, I received a job from KRIM Dungun, Terengganu as they urgently need a designer for a poster of an event. I actually volunteered myself to help them, but a friend of mine suggest that, “Hey it’s not  your obligation to help them since you are here in Selangor. They’re asking for help, don’t let them take you for granted. You know you have a lot to do here, right? Selangor branch needs you more. We need your time. I suggest that you put a price on your service. Besides, you need money for time being, right?”

She had me thinking, because what she said was right. I’m being too kind to let people take me for granted. So I decided, if they start to be very picky about the output, or if they ask to edit some more after I submit, I should charge them.

Seems like my client from Dungun was okay with the term, and it wasn’t me that decided the price on my service. They themselves wanted to pay me RM50. How can I give enough thanks to Allah? Guys, if you think RM50 for this job is cheap, let me tell you that for a student like me, it’s worth every minute. All I had been thinking about was my lunch, dinner and petrol. If I had any left, I’d save it for my Final Year Project presentation.

RM50. I have to do my best! So what I submitted to my client was not only a poster, but a Facebook profile picture that I think they need to change, and also a new Facebook cover (because I think they took Johor’s branch cover and that’s wrong).


Turns out my client liked my service. Yeay!! Alhamdulillah. It’s not much of a problem since my client kindly shared the template of the poster beforehand. Also, that’s why I added my own work and effort to offer them some new images for their Facebook page. I thank Allah so much for answering my prayers. I asked for money, and he gave me a job so I could earn my own.

And then.. A couple of hours after that.. I got a new job again. But this time.. It didn’t help. I’ll continue in my next post, insyaAllah.

Bantuan membikin poster

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Saya boleh membantu anda untuk membuat poster dengan design yang menarik. Dengan hanya RM50 setiap satu .psd file ataupun .ai file (pilih salah satu), anda boleh menyebarluaskan perniagaan anda dengan keistimewaan grafik dalam pengiklanan.

Untuk promosi design 1 poster dan free satu, sila tempah Kerja melalui Bantu.my (nama: syaza-s).

E-mel saya di sytrange@gmail.com untuk maklumat lanjut.

Feeling that Ramadhan vibes?

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Respect Ramadhan T

#RespectRamadhan short sleeves T-shirt in Ash grey

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 4.23.50 AM

#RespectRamadhan long sleeves T-shirt in Heather

Assalamu’alaykum, everyone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear these shirts during Ramadhan? I mean, you don’t have to mouth it to other people to remind them that you’re fasting, since your T-shirt has spoken for you. The ideal shirt for the introverts, perhaps?

Spread good message to public this month by educating people about the holy month of Ramadhan. Share your moments on how people showed their respect to their friends/colleagues during the fasting month. Was it awkward??
Trending now #RespectRamadhan or #RespekRamadhan (Malaysia).

Life gets easier when you wear a thing that speaks for you. No need to thank the T-shirt, it’s just doing its job. A simple reminder to notify people that you are fasting and to tell them you will not do things you “normally” do during usual days. Just asking for some respect, right?

Get your T-Shirt here!

Get your T-Shirt here!

Get your T-Shirt here!

Keep reblogging because campaign ends on June 6th, 2016. Get it now on Teespring!!



Ramadhan 2016 – Dah ready ke beb?

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Assalamualaikum, pembaca sekalian.

Bulan puasa menjelang tiba! Kita belum terlambat lagi nak pasang target kita untuk Ramadhan tahun ini. Untuk kita sentiasa monitor prestasi ibadat kita setiap hari, sebaiknya buatlah mutaba’ah atau check list amal kita. Mutaba’ah ni macam senarai semak lah.. Lepas buat, tanda. Kalau tak buat, tak payah tanda. Sebelum tidur muhasabah diri mana ibadat yang tertinggal, dan pasang azam setiap hari yang berlalu dalam bulan Ramadhan kita tingkatkan amal.

Dah bertahun-tahun saya repost mutaba’ah ni, nampaknya setiap tahun kena update sebab nak tukar style. Hahah.. Column yang saya warnakan hijau pucat itu menandakan hari Jumaat setiap minggu. 28 item semuanya dan saya sengaja tinggalkan ruang kosong di bawah senarai ini untuk diisi dengan target extra. Tahun ni kita mula puasa hari Isnin, ya!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 4.39.33 AM

Inilah senarai semak kita tahun ini!


Puasa ni kan, kalau kita cakap kat non-Muslim kita tak makan siang selama 30 hari, mereka pula yang tak keruan, meroyan, kebingungan pasal puasa. Ujarnya, “Aiyyooo.. Susah wooo…” Padahal puasa tak susah pun. Amende-lah susahnya? Kalau sibuk bekerja pagi sampai petang, mana ingat nak makan. Saya pernah bekerja di kedai percetakan. Sumpah, selama saya bekerja di situ, boleh dikira berapa kali saya keluar makan tengahari. Sibuk, bhai.. Tengok kalendar, 4 kali Jumaat. Pejam-celik mana rasa.  Berazamlah untuk meningkatkan amalan Ramadhan marathon kita setiap hari, setiap minggu. Kurangkan beralasan. Kita boleh! Kita Muslim yang superb!

Mutaba’ah ni sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur. Tak kiralah kamu ikut usrahkah, tak ikut usrahkah, kuat mainkah, cikgu sekolahkah, poliskah, budak hisap gam belakang kantinkah.. Semua boleh! Kenapa nak beralasan atas label-label sebegitu untuk tidak beribadat di bulan Ramadhan?! Ramadhan sekali setahun je weih!

Untuk sebulan ini abaikan apa yang orang lain cakap. Tumpukan perhatian kepada amalan kita, ikhlaskan hati dalam beribadah. Malu nak ke masjid sebab terbiasa berzina? Ah, tinggalkan semua itu dan teruskan niat murni ke masjid. Walaupun banyak mulut yang mengata, ingat, setiap langkah yang kamu paksa gagah itu dipandang berat oleh Allah s.w.t. Kerana apa? Kerana usaha, Allah sayang!

Tips untuk mencari kekuatan: Buat demi Allah s.w.t., kerana meraih redha-Nya.

Banyak bebel bukan? Haha! Sila muat turun mutaba’ah dengan klik link di bawah:
Mutaba’ah Ramadhan ’16

Pesanan terakhir. Ikhlaskan hati untuk beribadah kerana-Nya. Walaupun keikhlasan seseorang itu sukar diukur kerana akan ada nafsu yang cuba mengapi-apikan rasa riak dan ujub.. Tetaplah pada niat, bukan beribadat kerana nak impress other people dan bukan jadi bahan status di Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Tahun 2016 mungkin di Snapchat, Vines etc.

Ni, kalau nak share mutaba’ah ni tak payah minta izin tau. Dengan segala hormatnya dipersilakan. Sama-sama kita perbaiki diri dan kualiti ibadat kita. Wassalam..

P/s: Admin sokong kempen #RespekRamadhan tahun ini. Jangan merokok di tempat awam. Berhenti mempromosikan zina. Sekat bahan pornografi. Tutup aurat setiap kali keluar rumah.

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