Dilemma of an Ummah Designer.. Part #1

I had people asking for my help nowadays – designing posters, banners etc.

To inform, soon there will be a big event running all over my country for fresh school graduates. There will be carnivals like Jom Masuk U, Career Week and my most concerned, Karnival Lepasan Sekolah (KLS). All are expected to be held in January 2017.

So last week, I received a job from KRIM Dungun, Terengganu as they urgently need a designer for a poster of an event. I actually volunteered myself to help them, but a friend of mine suggest that, “Hey it’s not  your obligation to help them since you are here in Selangor. They’re asking for help, don’t let them take you for granted. You know you have a lot to do here, right? Selangor branch needs you more. We need your time. I suggest that you put a price on your service. Besides, you need money for time being, right?”

She had me thinking, because what she said was right. I’m being too kind to let people take me for granted. So I decided, if they start to be very picky about the output, or if they ask to edit some more after I submit, I should charge them.

Seems like my client from Dungun was okay with the term, and it wasn’t me that decided the price on my service. They themselves wanted to pay me RM50. How can I give enough thanks to Allah? Guys, if you think RM50 for this job is cheap, let me tell you that for a student like me, it’s worth every minute. All I had been thinking about was my lunch, dinner and petrol. If I had any left, I’d save it for my Final Year Project presentation.

RM50. I have to do my best! So what I submitted to my client was not only a poster, but a Facebook profile picture that I think they need to change, and also a new Facebook cover (because I think they took Johor’s branch cover and that’s wrong).


Turns out my client liked my service. Yeay!! Alhamdulillah. It’s not much of a problem since my client kindly shared the template of the poster beforehand. Also, that’s why I added my own work and effort to offer them some new images for their Facebook page. I thank Allah so much for answering my prayers. I asked for money, and he gave me a job so I could earn my own.

And then.. A couple of hours after that.. I got a new job again. But this time.. It didn’t help. I’ll continue in my next post, insyaAllah.