Feeling that Ramadhan vibes?

Respect Ramadhan T
#RespectRamadhan short sleeves T-shirt in Ash grey
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#RespectRamadhan long sleeves T-shirt in Heather

Assalamu’alaykum, everyone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear these shirts during Ramadhan? I mean, you don’t have to mouth it to other people to remind them that you’re fasting, since your T-shirt has spoken for you. The ideal shirt for the introverts, perhaps?

Spread good message to public this month by educating people about the holy month of Ramadhan. Share your moments on how people showed their respect to their friends/colleagues during the fasting month. Was it awkward??
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Life gets easier when you wear a thing that speaks for you. No need to thank the T-shirt, it’s just doing its job. A simple reminder to notify people that you are fasting and to tell them you will not do things you “normally” do during usual days. Just asking for some respect, right?

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How’s your Ramadhan?

Time flies fast. It’s already the 11th day of Ramadhan. How’s your Ramadhan? Hopefully filling the Ramadhan moments with ibadah, not just fasting but fulfilling what it is to be a Muslim. We have only 20 days to collect all the rewards this month.

There are 3 phases of Ramadhan; The first 10 days are the phase of mercy, the second 10 days are the phase of forgiveness, and the last 10 days are liberation from the hellfire. So for the first round, have you been experiencing the rahmah, the mercy of Allah?
Another different story..

In my country, it’s normal for Muslims to hangout with non-Muslims. When I was in boarding school, there were some non-Muslim friends who fasted along with us during the month of Ramadhan. It sure was a rare thing to see non-Muslims woke up for sahoor, eating together with their Muslim friends. Same goes during iftaar.

When been asked “why?”, they said that they just wanted to try fasting, they wanted to feel what it was like to be hungry (not eating and drinking from before dawn to evening), and of course, having and sharing the iftaar meal together with the others.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. But here’s what I’d observed on my non-Muslim friends who fasted. Just as when the iftaar time came in, they took the first sip of water with a feeling of pleasure and gratification. Like the feeling of nikmat came down pouring onto them as the water wetted the throat. I wonder how long have a human been lacking the feeling of gratification? Is it only when one is given something that he had longed for then he will become grateful?

Yes, the are non-Muslims who tried to fast during the Ramadhan to feel what it’s like to fast. While, sadly, some Muslims, out there, make excuses not to fast during this blessed month. Heartbreaking.. Get a reflection..