Feeling that Ramadhan vibes?

Respect Ramadhan T
#RespectRamadhan short sleeves T-shirt in Ash grey
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#RespectRamadhan long sleeves T-shirt in Heather

Assalamu’alaykum, everyone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear these shirts during Ramadhan? I mean, you don’t have to mouth it to other people to remind them that you’re fasting, since your T-shirt has spoken for you. The ideal shirt for the introverts, perhaps?

Spread good message to public this month by educating people about the holy month of Ramadhan. Share your moments on how people showed their respect to their friends/colleagues during the fasting month. Was it awkward??
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Life gets easier when you wear a thing that speaks for you. No need to thank the T-shirt, it’s just doing its job. A simple reminder to notify people that you are fasting and to tell them you will not do things you “normally” do during usual days. Just asking for some respect, right?

Get your T-Shirt here!

Get your T-Shirt here!

Get your T-Shirt here!

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