Jumanji remake inappropriate for cinemas in Malaysia

Last weekend, my friend went for a movie at Alamanda. The comedy & adventure-packed movie shook the hall with laughter but according to her, several expressions in the movie turned her childhood favourite movie sour. I’ll just forward her text as below.



In the movie:

Sheldon (Bethany) started the moment when he saw Bravestone smolder and saying in a lustful low voice, “Damn, that is a MAN right there.”
Note: Of course viewers would say this is normal because everyone remembered Sheldon had a girl trapped inside his body.

Sheldon also learnt to pee like a man. A hint on sex education, when Sheldon asked Finbar how to pee from a penis. The word penis was said out loud several times in the scene when Sheldon peed behind the stone, while saying that it was a lot easier to pee because it has like a “handle”.
Note: A transgender newbie.

Sheldon had a crush on another male avatar (Alex) who had been stucked in the game for 20 years.
Note: Viewers would think this is a normal situation because we all still remember Sheldon is Bethany.

The two characters had a moment of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when saving Alex’s life from a mosquito bite that could take his life. When Alex revived, he gave Sheldon a hug in return for saving his life, but Sheldon was aroused by his action. He found out that he had an erection under his pants when his friends, Finbar & Bravestone, told him.
Note: It’s not about the CPR, it’s the arousal! It didn’t show in the scene, but since Sheldon’s friends made point. Lust of man-to-man.

Just Syaza’s personal review of JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle.

LGBT behind the curtains! I guess that is why the tagline of the movie is “The game has evolved”.

Sour for me too, dear. After Beauty & the Beast, Power Rangers, came Jumanji with lesser and lesser sensitivity towards public viewing in Malaysia. Our childhood was long ruined.

And can somebody please tell the instafame Sajat & drags to shut down their account? Their making the society worse. I don’t want to stick my nose commenting and “giving advise” but once the bashing of netizens starts, it’s thunderstorm! The drags started it, and they got the attention they want. It sucks.


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