You might not experience this. Maybe it’s just me :\

I loved my all-girls’ school very much. I don’t have to give a single damn thing happened between us and I don’t have to screw my own personality.

School started to suck when I moved into junior college, co-ed school. I’ve experienced many.. Seen many.. Things about boys.. I don’t like at all. Let’s not start the story about me fighting with a sissy when I was in my 3rd year. I never liked pondan. C’mon laaarr!! Be a man!

So.. the changes I’ve gone through..
During my all-girls glory, I was always in the track team. It was awesome. I like competition.
In the co-ed hell, I stopped doing sports. I got embarrassed over little things. I hate people seeing me – especially opposite sex. One-time I heard them shouting at girls playing rounders on the field. Harsh things… Harsh enough to any girls hearing them.. So, in my mind, I was like, “Oh.. So this is what the guys think when we (girls) are running around. Eww..”
So, I never signed up for Sports Day. I hated sports. Imagine I had to sacrifice my morning nap to have a run around the school in order to avoid “eyes”. But I did enjoy my PJK sessions (or P.E. you may call) since both gender went to separate courts. Yeay!

I never cried when I was in single-sex school. I thought I was strong enough to conquer my own heart, my own emotions.. Girls are strong. My sisters’ fight was my fight. From any grades, we were all sisters.
Co-ed school.. I started to feel that I am becoming weak. I learned that I have to apologize for very little mistakes. That was pathetic! I even have to impress people I didn’t even like, people that didn’t even deserve a respect.

They say.. Growing up makes you become more mature.. May be.. May be.. In mixed-school, all the people I met made me a little girlish. It made my heart softer. Gosh.. Now I’m confused: Does being girlish better, or is it making you weaker?

Thanks to my not-so-outstanding PMR results, I returned to my old school. Alive again. Girls go wrestling on the turf. We didn’t even care the if teacher’s around. Oh.. Our coach was a male. Ha-ha-ha! Bye.

This is just between me and my blog. You don’t have to comment. XD Thanks for reading!


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