I just can’t believe the news I read last night. From Aman Palestin’s status update about a Malaysian plane being “shot” down at Ukraine-Russia border.

It was so late at night. I was reading via my smartphone, on my bed, ready to sleep so I can wake up at suhoor. I thought I was being confused with the previous MH370 tragedy. It was so hard to think. I just went to sleep.

At suhoor, it took my housemate a while to wake me up. Until she said, sounding sad, “Kak, our MAS aircraft had been shot down. No chance any of the passengers survived.” The statement got my brain working. So she read the news too. I thought for a while. Yes, I read about it too before I went to sleep.

My housemates talked a lot about the recent tragedy. I was quiet most of the time. There were so many things happening. So many things to think of. Most of all, I didn’t know what should I do at that time. After subuh prayer, my dear housemate said, “Let’s read Surah Yasin”. Finally, something I was glad to hear.

All Malaysian mourns after the MH17 tragedy, while the disappearance of MH370 remains a mystery. Some may say that this was fated. Yes, I know, but I still think that the west is responsible for this. I have a feeling they want to divert our attention from Palestine.


I’m sleepy. Goodnite.


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