Ichiban Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum. Just a random post. Not anything informational.

It is not the first time I celebrated Ramadhan away from my hometown. This time, I’m fasting away from my country. I’m fasting in Japan!! About 16 hours eh? Not a problem for me. Before Ramadhan, I’d tried to fast during working days. Alhamdulillah.. I did fine… Eventhough the inside of the greenhouse was hot!

My friend worried all the time for the challenge of fasting in Japan because she’s always hungry. For me, as long as I keep myself busy (not that I’m saying that I exert my energy, no!) like harvesting, clipping, helping the scientists to obtain data, I forget about being hungry. Yes, that’s the tip. Don’t over-exert yourself, but keep yourself busy.

Some say, if you don’t have work to do and you want to avoid feeling hungry, SLEEP. Hmm.. That’s not the correct way to feel Ramadhan. You can’t have a full day nap and get the goods from Allah. Do something that benefits you AND others to His the blessings. It’s not every month we’re meeting Ramadhan, right? Only this month. Erk!

Enjoy your first Iftaar, everyone!

Screen shot from Moshi Moshi Seerah. Hehe..

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