double the department

Last Saturday, I  went to the office as usual. I was assigned to do a tender document for the next week. Hoping to finish the document early, I had to forget the hope because my MacBook can’t view .doc Microsoft Office Word document as it is on Windows PC. I wished I have my own PC in the office so I can do paper works on the spot when given tasks. Instead, I had to wait for home to make use of Father’s laptop to complete the work.

Didn’t know what to do while waiting for noon, I went down to the nursery under the rain shelter unit to check out some plants I want to put in my garden. Father wants fruit trees, but I couldn’t get any younger ones in the nursery. I walked a round under the rain shelter, then I saw one happy customer coming towards me and Dyna, the Nursery Sales Manager. She came to look for plants as other customers do. Then she asked us to come with her and take a look at her home to see what the garden was like. Dyna looked at me, I looked back at her, and I was like, “OK, I’ll go, but I have to come back before noon.”

This lady has a big house, 2 sports car parked in the porch, a mini film studio owned by her son, and 2 large Persian cats in the back of her house. She took me around the green areas and I gave opinions on what plants suitable for that area. And then she told me this: “I don’t want to do ‘landscape’, I just want your opinion and your advice for what to plug in my gardens. I don’t want high expenses.” Gosh, I really didn’t know how to react on this matter. It was during the working hours, and I’m talking to a fussy customer, making me do things that does not cover my internship course. She asked me so many things that I thought I am working for free. She’s not even blood-related for a free advice from a horticulturist (to be qualified :p). I was really annoyed.

She sent me back to the nursery and I got her to buy plants for her garden. I needed her to buy many so we could get extra sales profit (Like, Hello! She got me giving advice for free!). Fortunately, she bought all the plants that I selected 🙂 Ha-ha-ha~

The lady came back to the nursery again yesterday to buy some more plants for her garden. There was no one around since all the labour workers went to project sites. Only Dyana, and the poor little me. That lady got me working in my long formal skirt. I got dirt on my blouse. And.. Shit! I got cuts from moving that Agave plant.


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