Intern gone wrong

I don’t know where to start.

First of all, I really appreciate this company for letting me join them under internship programme. All I thought was that I would be assigned to do a landscape job or landscape construction, I’d go to sites and supervise the development project and stuffs.. Yes, I was given design tasks at first an now.. Turns out to be I’m in the position where I am given a clerk job, which I never want toooooo!!! Arghh!

OK. For those who think intership is all about training and preparing yourself before you go to the real career world, I’m telling from my experience, that’s not all about it. You’ll get pushed hard as a low income worker (or worse, no allowance at all) to do works and stuffs from the difficult level to a tedious one. You’ll be given tasks you never go through during your diploma or degree.

Interns normally do not provided with leave. So, every working days, you have to go to work even when you’re sick. I learnt about this yesterday when I told my supervisor that I am going to have leave today to settle my Japanese Visa. I get scolded sarcastically, and my ears were forced to hear things like, “Why didn’t you told me earlier?”, “Why? You think this is you’re Dad’s office?”. Ahh.. Panas telinga.

Fine. Maybe it was my fault to inform my supervisor only later. The reason why is, that I don’t want to be mistreated when they know that I am going to Japan in May for another round of industrial training. I have issues. Everyone have issues. Sorry for being paranoid.

Whether my leave was approved or rejected, I still have to settle my Visa thing. I booked the flight. Got to find ways to make up next week. Just be honest.


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