Day 1 of Internship

I arrived before 8 AM this morning. Seemed like I was the first office staff to arrive, all others were nursery workers. I waited until almost 9 AM to see office staffs punching duty card. I became lethargic from waiting and also thrilled of my task today.

I was sent to the landscape architect department. Gosh, I’m thrilled because I have never thought I’d be in the architecture department just from three semesters of core studies in landscape. Allahurabbi.. But I took the challenge because that was what I want, I proposed in my cover letter. I absolutely have no experience in computer aided design, Mr. Ali did ask about that. Hmm.. I only have two days course of basic AutoCAD 2009 and I am the scientist using GNU Image Editor. LOL. Image editor, I said.

My fingers were cold, I was nervous. My supervisor didn’t come today, she was attending a meeting somewhere. So, there I was sitting in the office with two men sitting behind me. I was incredibly uncomfortable of the sitting position, I meant giving my back to male. My anxiety kept coming and I started speaking to myself, cursing myself for doing mistake on the proposal paper. I hadn’t properly reported myself for duty. I will wait for my supervisor until the end of time.

Oh, today I got a task from Ali to propose plants used near wetlands for the company’s project at LA Promenade. It took one day for me to work the things out. I can finish sooner actually, just that I’m not comfortable with the situation. I call myself the awkward muslimah, and I wonder no further if the staffs labelled me that too. Hahaha~



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