going over the sea.

How easily can I forget what things to write that I had thought just a couple of hours ago.

My friend and I planned to get and internship in Japan. She was done with her bank statement. In order to get a COE (Certificate of Elligibility), we have to prepare about 184,000 Japanese Yen in our bank account. The problem is I only have about 122,000 in my bank account. Where can I get the rest in a week?

The plan was not to have a Visa, but since we are going to stay for an extra 4 days, we have to. Hope Abah will not question why.. Because the school’s Deputy Dean had asked, why do we have to choose to stay for more than 3 months. I didn’t know what to answer so I just stay silent.

I just pity Ibu and Abah for giving their savings to me. Allahurabbi.. I’m a very troublesome child. I pray that Allah will give them patience in taking care of me as their youngest daughter. I also feel sorry for my friend who had to wait for me in order to get our COE done together. I also had troubled the Japanese senseis and I am very sorry. I hope that everyone can be patient, because I also have to be. Ya Allah, please ease this task for me for I do not want to think about money too much than I do think about improving my ibadah and mutaba’ah. Allahurabbi..

Paper grows on trees but money is hard to get.


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