Tahun terbaru kebelakang,

(This is random. I’m not responsible for any reader feeling offended. Rated PG13.)

You celebrate new year with your biker friends, dengan awek bonceng belakang lu. Itu awal tahun lalu. Tahun ini pun sama. What’s the point of you celebrating new year? No new leaf?

You’re living in an apartment/hostel/dormitory and celebrating with your friends. That noise you’re making, doesn’t make any of your neighbours feel alright. Sebelum ni bising, tahun baru makin bising. Aku dah report, tapi tindakan belum diambil. There’s limit to my patience. I’m getting a license to own a gun. Matilakawww. (Bak kata nenek kawanku, berterais sampei * terbelak. Cited from Saidatun Hamzah, 2005.)

You have your besties living together, and you’re actually a good one. Thinking that you’re being a good example to them, turns out they’d turned you into someone who doesn’t care about coverings anymore. Saying that your new leaf is having aphids sucking the good out of you.

And yeah.. There was a moth flying inside my room and I went crazy spraying it with shieldtox. Persetan suspicion orang datang. Aku tak jemput.

Yeay, me! Get a life. Get a blessed new year.
Just random rants. Don’t have to get offended if it’s not about you.
Good night, folks~


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