Only a pair of scissors

only things~
Only things~

I successfully cut my own hair yesterday. Turned it to the short layer I had before. Yeay~!
Can’t post picture of my new hair. So I just post the scissors that I used. Huhu..
I didn’t have any other hair styling tools except for these stainless steel scissors; no hairspray, no hairdryer, no roller hair brush, no hair clips, no teethed scissors (is this what they called?)..
Yesterday was just, me, my hair, these scissors, my Body Shop Detangling wooden comb, my mirror and my laptop with iTunes playing.
I can’t say that the haircut is perfect since I couldn’t see the back of my head, and also not saying that it’s ugly.
Just fine for me since I only wanted to it to be cut – to avoid rashes from the hot weather and also to cut off the split ends. It’s not like I’m going to show off my hair to every one in campus. No one cares.
My housemates said I look OK. Then, Miza said she wants a haircut too, so I did it for her last night.
I’m waiting for my hair to grow longer and style them new again. Garrhh~!!

That’s the amount of hair I cut yesterday. Nope, not going to regret a thing. Hair will grow back.
Aaah.. The only thing that I should regret was there were small pieces of hair that landed on the keyboard. They’re so hard to remove. I think some had gone beneath the keyboard when I tried brushing them out. T_T
Well, since nobody was able to give me a haircut, I couldn’t sit on a chair without a mirror. The mirror had to be in front of me. So I should put it on the table. I didn’t put the screen down because I had to listen to songs to enjoy what I’m doing.
The thing that I should have done was to cover the keyboard with A4 paper or long book or something that can prevent dust from entering. T_T

That’s all the report for today, Sir. Hair is being cute today, behaving well. Good job, Syaza. 🙂


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