I had this problem with the Mac AirPort card.
My Mac can’t detect the existing AirPort device inside. So annoyying~
So I asked the Apple engineer at Switch, The Spring to get my MacBook repaired.
It costed MYR 555. Such silly numbers. Abah said, “Heh, bagus beli baru.” Aaaa… Punya sayang aku ngan MacBook aku ni. Aku sempat beli sebelum Steve Jobs meninggal tau! Walaupun hakikatnya beliau tak pegang pun aku punya Mac ni.
That engineer said, “If you want to cancel the repair, you still have to pay for service charge, MYR 180.” I’m like.. OooKay..
When I asked what actually happened to my MacBook, he said that it’s a factory default problem. “If you still have the warranty, you don’t have to pay, but since your warranty is already expired, you have to pay for the charges.”
So… I have to pay MYR 555 for a factory default problem. So unfair. It’s factory default, not my fault!
Manufacturer ni memang sengaja nak bagi lifespan Mac AirPort aku ni pendek. Supaya bila dah habis tempoh warranty aku, boleh laa dia caj aku lebih-lebih. Hishhh!

*Got my laptop back, so gotta proceed with the terrarium post in the next few days. Edit photos jap.. 🙂