Slow stuffs yg menguji kesabaran.

I am using Live mail (Hotmail) now and also before. Recently, it has gotten slower. I thought it was my Safari browser. Since I got no update notification from Safari, I didn’t do anything.
That was before I changed to the Outlook view. When I upgraded my classic Live mail it to Outlook, hmm —– No difference. *disappointed*
Maybe this is because I used Safari, I thought. So, tried to open my mail using Moz. Firefox. —– No difference. Just as slow and cracked as Live mail / Outlook was on Safari.
Oh.. Maybe this is because I have not upgraded my Firefox, again I was thinking. So I checked what version I had. It was Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1.

"About Firefox" -- version checkin'
“About Firefox” — version checkin’

Then I checked online for upgrades. There.. Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1. OK.. Download NOW.

Firefox 17.0.1 upgrade.
Firefox 17.0.1 upgrade.

When I activated this new upgraded Firefox, I was like whOww~ Nicer appearance! Got to try Outlook with this! —– No difference. Just as cracked as the mail was with incomplete text shown. Switching the reading pane was just the same. 😦
There I go.. Disappointed with Live mail, with Safari, with myself who don’t ever want to change e-mail and decided just to live with it.
End of rant. Ciao!


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