Usagi 1, 2, 3 ..


WARNING: Childish writing below. It’s all bunny’s fault.

I’ve been visiting Makmal Ladang (Farm Administration Unit) for quite some times lately.
Just to visit this usagi. I never noticed this bunny before since the last time I saw inside the cage was only a rooster.


I can't stand this usagi kawaii-ness.
I can’t stand this usagi kawaii-ness.

It was all alone at that time. No friends to play around with. The storekeeper did gave it something to eat, but it seemed that this usagi didn’t like it. So, I secretly fed it a green mustard leaf. It did enjoyed chomping on that leaf. Noticed its nose – so cute. Then, there was a sudden realization.. A farm storekeeper can’t figure out what food a bunny prefers to eat?? =.=

Spacious for one little bunny ;)
Spacious for one little bunny πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, I visited the usagi again and, there! 2 more usagiΒ in the cage. HUuu~ Kawaii.. But can’t beat the cuteness of the usagi I fed before. See, they have their own unique “fur-print” on their body.

The "kawaii" pose.
The “kawaii” pose.


Glad that the little usagi isn’t alone anymore. πŸ™‚

Gosh! Why am I writing this? This is so childish~
p/s: You can say that cute things are my weakness. Bye.



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