Suddenly the culture pun jadi.. Haha

Last Monday, we were culturing mushroom during Mushroom Technologies.

Here’s what happen in the laminar air flow cabinet..
I forgot to embed my mushroom tissue into the agar. When we were asked to turn the petri dish upside down, the tissue that I put on the agar suddenly dropped onto the petri lid.
I tried tapping the lid to drop the tissue back on the agar. Unfortunately, the lid cracked. Quiet disappointed with myself.
Still not giving up. Then finally.. The tissue dropped back onto the agar by just shaking the petri dish.

Today, I went to the lab to check on the culture. There.. My little-dorable fungus, expanding its whitish mycelia..

The “seed” of King Oyster Mushroom.


I sealed the lid with parafilm since the lid cracked. Huhu..

OK.. Jangan buat mcm aku.



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