Hijab never fails me in my activity, whether in sports or fieldwork. To ban the wearing of headscarves in sports is something that I cannot accept. Chehh.. Hahah~ Tapi benarlah bah.

Written rules and regulation is never the same with what’s written in the Qur’an. Headscarf is an obligation for any muslim women. Oh and if you know some of your muslim friends/colleagues who don’t wear hijab, that’s because they chose not to. That is for Allah to judge. But really, we have to wear the hijab to obey.

I never choke during my training. Yeah you can say that’s just my luck. And even if I really choke someday in the future, I won’t ever blame the hijab and people shouldn’t blame the hijab for choking me either. To wear a hijab and to obey is my choice.

Next time, Mr. Referee and sports manager, if there are Muslim women with hijab coming to the arena, I suggest you provide a letter for them to sign… That if anything happens (choking/injuries) to the team that come with headscarves, we, the game manager, will not take responsibility for that. To play with the headscarves are the team own’s choice. They had been mentioned about the dangers and harms of the improper dressing.
That, should be provided and keep that for your reference. Give us a chance. Oh, above is just my imagination on preparing a draft and how it will be written “improperly”.

Now if that cannot happen, then there’s just one thing for me to wonder… Are people concerned about what’s  underneath that hijab? Trust me, weapons and armors will not fit in. What’s underneath are just hair, hairpins/bobbi pins, scrunchies, just like what other girls wear to tidy their hair.

Man vs. Animal: Animals are much more qualified for sports.

Peace. Stop fighting. OK diam.


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