“Puasa” is “fasting”.

Welcoming Ramadhan in *tick-tock* about two more days!!
There are pros and cons when I am to fast at home. Since I haven’t post much (let’s see.. February to June!), I should write about this pros and cons.

The good thing about fasting at home is I get to eat (iftaar) with my family. I do not have to do the expenses for iftaar. I get anything I want for iftaar (Mom and dad never say “No”. Hehe..). Then, there’s sahoor, every day. In my hometown, we usually have our sahoor at about 4 A.M. My mom prepares them. Hehe.. What I do is just to wake up and eat. I don’t have to prepare my meal. Theehee..~ Oh, dates from the fridge! Yumm~
In college, I have to buy my own meal for iftaar as we’re not allowed to cook. Eat instant food for sahoor (instant noodles and porridge). I have to bear with this food for three-four weeks. Not that the canteen is closed at time for sahoor. It’s just that there are dogs out there who like to attack girls on their way to the cafe. I wish I could just kill them, but Rasulullah S.A.W. never killed a dog, right?
Uhm.. Seems like fasting at home is all about iftaar, sahoor, and saving my money. For the lazy people like me…

The bad thing is.. There’s not much I can do at home. Tarawih, sure with mom and dad. Iftaar jamaie, not often. Talks, conference, halaqah, never!
When in college, it’s different. Tarawih, iftaar, islamic activities, all with my friends and they’re so much fun when done together.

Puasa, to me.. In college is much more sweeter than it is at home, when it’s suppose to be the opposite.



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