Bruno Mars, it’s already raining heavily over here!

It’s been about 3 days. Sad, I can’t  visit the farm in this weather. I hope the crops can withstand this weather; rainy and stormy, the sky is gloomy. Can they? They’re just babies!! Owwhhh~

Non-stop raining for 3 days, only in some gaps the rain did paused. Last Friday, I decided not to go anywhere including the canteen, but poor tummy can’t do the fast until dinner. Fortunately, the rain stopped. So to the canteen I went! Bought two meals and my tummy was satisfied. 🙂

I looked at the sky from my window pane. The sky sure was gloomy that evening so I snapped some pictures. No edit, just resized.

From far, the view from my right.

A bit left.. There, a shelter for plants.